Air: 27.0 °C / 81.0 °F   Time: 04:12 pm

RH: 89%  -  Wind: Northeast at 6.9 MPH (6 KT) (F2 50°)

Frequently asked questions

Where do you dive?

We have dive sites all around the Island and choose the best sites each day depending on weather conditions (mostly wind direction, but also swell).

Where are the best sites?

We have a fantastic selection of different types of diving around Rarotonga, usually something to suit everyone. We are lucky to have drop-offs, wrecks, coral gardens, caves, swim-throughs and passages. The best coral gardens around Rarotonga are in the north, stunning (and sometimes exciting!) passages in the south, and cave systems around the west. We will endeavour to satisfy your curiosity (weather permitting!).

I want to book but not pay in advance

We have limited the number of spaces on our boats for your safety and comfort. We are unable to secure your booking without payment/a deposit in advance.

Are the dives guided?

Yes, all our dives are guided by a professionally qualified Dive Master or Instructor (unless arranged in advance). We have the friendliest and most experienced dive guides on the island.

What are we likely to see?

Well, that depends on the critters on the day! We can usually guarantee an abundance of beautiful reef fish, and the occasional octopus, turtle, whitetip reef shark, spotted eagle ray and pelagic fish such as tuna. With visibility often upwards of 30 m, you do not usually risk anything sneaking up on you!

What is the minimum number to run a trip?

For economic reasons, we do not normally run a trip with one customer. However, if you have booked online at least seven days in advance and an alternative date cannot be arranged, we will honour your booking and take you diving, even if it is just you.

When do you go out?

We run trips each morning and afternoon from Monday to Saturday, and on Sunday afternoons. In each half-day we conduct two dives at different dive sites, with a surface interval (usually back on dry land) of about an hour.

What if it rains?

If it rains, you may as well be diving as you are going to get wet! A day of rain does not affect the diving conditions here — it has to rain heavily in Rarotonga for a couple of days before the visibility gets poor due to run-off into the lagoon and then the ocean. It also clears very quickly due to our being isolated in a very big area of ocean.

What about standards of teaching?

Our top training standards have been recognised and we have been awarded many Certificates of Excellence to acknowledge this. We have also been recognised for our “outstanding service to the dive industry”.

What standard is your rental gear?

We continually update our rental equipment and service the gear on a regular basis. We also do our best to ensure that our customers look after the gear and we inspect it so you do not get faulty gear the next day! We have analysed O2 clean air, cylinders hydrostatically tested and in date.

How do you ensure dive safety?

We always man our boats with a first aid qualified skipper during your dives and have oxygen and first aid on board. All our dives are guided so you will be looked after in the water.

I/we struggle to get back on dive boats — can you help?

Worried about getting back on the boat? Fear not — we have a deep, wide ladder for access onto our main boat, Evolution, and also have a ladder available on request for the Mac.