Air: 22.0 °C / 72.0 °F   Time: 10:48 pm

  -  RH: 94%  -  Wind: South at 2.3 MPH (2 KT) (F1 200°)


At Dive Rarotonga we try our best to be Eco Friendly Divers. We always make sure that we take only pictures and leave only bubbles on all our dive excursions.

To protect the coral reef from anchor damage, we have installed mooring systems on 5 of our most dived sites, sharing these with other dive operators on the island to minimise the impact on the reef of boat traffic.

We also ask everyone during our dive briefings to be aware of their buoyancy control and streamlining to protect the coral.

We participate in clean up dives too. If you are on the island during one of the Project Aware clean up days we usually run free dive excursions. Obviously you'll be picking up any rubbish you see, but thankfully the underwater world around Rarotonga is pretty clean and tidy!

We have a number of totally unique PADI Distinctive Specialties to offer, all based around marine conservation surveys, ask for details.

Mooring buoy install